Get to know Rudolph's Furry Friends at the Red Nose Ranch! 

They are the stars of the show!



You can call him "B.O.B" or "Bones" the pony for short.  This guy has a heart of gold and takes care of the kids. He lives for apples and grain and getting loved on by little kids!  His favorite song is "Digging Up Bones" by Randy Travis.



SageBrush is the sweetest miniature donkey in all the land.  He came to us from from the famous Half Ass Acres ranch and has been Bag of Bones best friend ever since.  They rarely leave each others side.  SageBrush comes from a direct line of the donkey that Mary rode to Bethlehem to deliver the greatest Cowboy of them all!



Alonso is watusi/longhorn cross steer.  He is what we call the “babysitter” as he keeps all the animals at the ranch in line with his large demeanor.  But he's really just a big softie who just looks forward to eating a buffet of hay and grain all the days long! 



Sven the reindeer is a busy man this time of year.  He has to train for the reindeer games and be in shape for Santa's big night.  So he can't be with us all of the time, but generally stops in for a visit on Friday and Saturday nights.  He loves to photo bomb your family photos!



April the Alpaca showed up to the ranch unexpectedly on April Fools Day.  Go figure!  She’s a little bit of a diva. Gives off Regina George vibes if ya know what I mean! She likes attention but plays hard to get.  You can win her over from time to time with a carrot.



Believe it or not, Goatie the Goat actually identifies as a dog.  This is no joke.  With all due respect he wishes everyone would just accept it.  He is literally everyone’s best friend! He has the ultimate FOMO (fear of missing out) he likes to be found where the parties at and also the snacks! 



Larry the dog is always just around and wants to be your friend.  He loves it if you'll throw a stick for him.  He actually does seem to accept Goatie as a fellow dog and they sometimes can be found roaming around together.



Ricky Bobby the horse is just one of those good horses that you don't find very often.  He can do any ranch job there is, work cattle, perform when he needs yet gentle enough to always take care of his rider.  During the Christmas season he dresses up in a Rudolph costume and loves delivering Candy Canes to you on your wagon ride.  He also loves photo bombing your family photos!



Maverick the horse likes to be the taste tester of all carrots to ensure quality.  He's a beautiful, well built quarter horse who enjoys delivering candy canes to you on your wagon ride.  He also is a consistent competitor at SkiJoring Utah and loves pulling skiers through the course to win prizes and money.  When he's not doing those fun things, he loves to be in your family photos and take your carrots.



If you sign up for a horse drawn Christmas wagon ride at the Red Nose Ranch, Mac and Cheese are your "horse power".  They are a team of Belgian Draft horses.  They genuinely enjoy taking you around to see the lights and hear the Rudolph story.  Because they are out working, they don't always get as many carrots so they ask that you please remember them too!  They generally can be found with the wagon out in the parking lot!  They also love being in your family photos.



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